Wheat Ridge (Colorado) Police: We Destroyed 1998 Report on George Gibney

While You Were Sleeping: George Gibney / USA Swimming Sex Abuse Scandal Is Now a Two-Continent Affair
March 4, 2015
Status of Our Freedom of Information Act Request For George Gibney’s Immigration Files — Now Being Closely Watched in Both Ireland and U.S.
March 4, 2015

by Irvin Muchnick


As reported yesterday, the 2000 report on George Gibney by Detective Lila Cohen of the police in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a Denver suburb, referred to an earlier report. So I asked for that one, too.

Wheat Ridge police records supervisor Deri Patt responded this morning:


“…Our records show that we contacted Mr. Gibney in our case 98-3718 titled as an Assist that occurred on or about Feb. 21, 1998.  Unfortunately, we no longer have that case report on file.  Per the Colorado Retention Schedule at that time, non-criminal reports were destroyed at the five year mark (2003).  The only information in the name index for Mr. Gibney is that he is listed as a person in the 1998 report.  We did not transition to computer records until January 2000.”





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