Rapist Irish National Coach George Gibney in Colorado in 2000 – Coached For USA Swimming Club, Claimed To Be on Board of At-Risk Youth Center, Traveled to Peru With a Priest

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February 22, 2015
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February 24, 2015

by Irvin Muchnick and Tim Joyce


At the bottom of this post are links to our previous articles on George Gibney – molester of dozens of kids across a period of three decades during his tenure as a swim coach in his native Ireland, culminating in a stint as head coach of the national team.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California is assisting Concussion Inc.’s Freedom of Information Act request for Gibney’s records at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The agency’s website search engine currently lists our request as No. 124 on the queue.

This installment of our Gibney series focuses on information from Colorado sources about his time in the Denver area. What we know is that he resided in Wheat Ridge, a Denver suburb, and was terminated by two known employers – one of them a USA Swimming club – late in 2000 when they learned of his past.

Gibney’s movements between 1994 (when an Irish court, citing technical grounds, aborted his trial on 17 counts of abuse) and 2000 remain murky. He left Ireland for Scotland, and at some point went from Scotland to the U.S., likely via Canada. His initial visa was processed in Detroit, according to our sources, and it is possible that he lived in Michigan for an extended stretch.

In the meantime, a 1998 Irish government commission report concluded that the voluminous Gibney sex crime allegations were true.

In Colorado, Gibney coached for the North Jeffco Swim Team in the suburb of Arvada. The team’s current head coach, Carmen Babcock, told us Monday in an email, “The current staff and members of North Jeffco Swim Team were not part of the team during the time you are inquiring about. None of us have any information based on fact that you are requesting.”

In response to a follow-up, Babcock said, “I have heard about George Gibney and his time at NJST from articles like what you are putting together.”

We have received no response to a second follow-up inviting comment on whether the team as an institution, local media, and USA Swimming are accountable for reporting further and redundantly on the circumstances of Gibney’s departure. Our sources say a local journalist sought unsuccessfully to get comment from North Jeffco Swim Team management at the time. Arvada is about 80 miles from USA Swimming and U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters in Colorado Springs.

After losing his job in Denver, according to our local sources, Gibney applied for and was hired as an employee relations manager at Frontier Airlines. As this article was being published, we had not heard back from an inquiry to Frontier. Future coverage will reflect anything the airline might proceed to tell us.

Our sources say they pieced together additional, and retrospectively important, information. For example, Gibney’s 2000 resume – a copy of which these reporters obtained – shows that he represented himself as “Director of the Advisory Board for the Youth Detention Center in Golden, Colorado” – formally known as the Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, under the auspices of the Division of Youth Corrections of the state Office of Children, Youth & Families. As this article was being published, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Human Services told us that an initial round of internal research did not turn up any confirmation of Gibney’s claim of his association with Lookout Mountain. The official promised to pursue the inquiry in the coming days.

In addition, according to the sources, Gibney and a priest at the Catholic church he attended in Wheat Ridge traveled together to a medical mission in Peru. On the resume, Gibney referred to himself as “Chairman of the International Peru Eye Clinic Foundation.” We will ask the Archdiocese of Denver for further information and comment.

The sources say Gibney was dating a younger woman with young children. He also seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time hanging around the Coors brewery offices’ female clerical employees, many of whom came from the area’s Vietnamese community.

Detailed information and documents on Gibney were given at the time to an officer in the sex crimes unit at the Wheat Ridge Police Department. That officer is now retired. We have asked police chief Dan Brennan for further information and comment.

Future installments of this series will have more on Gibney’s 2000 resume and on his movements between this time in Colorado and the present in Florida, where he lives at age 63 under an assumed name.



Why Is George Gibney — No. 1 At-Large Pedophile in Global Sports — Living in Florida? And Who Sponsored His Green Card?

Published January 27th, 2015

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