BREAKING: Arvada (Colorado) Police Say George Gibney Left North Jeffco Swim Team As Early As 1995, Following Sexual Harassment Incident And Exposure of His Irish Past

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February 27, 2015
“Alleged abuser Gibney’s green card queried” — Sunday Times of London, Irish Edition
March 1, 2015

by Irvin Muchnick


 I just received an email from Jill McGranahan, public relations coordinator for the Arvada police, with the following text:


“In late October, 1995, the APD was notified by a citizen that Mr. Gibney was employed by the North Jeffco Parks and Recreation District, and that he had previously been accused of child abuse in Ireland. The APD confirmed that Mr. Gibney had been charged with child sexual abuse in Ireland, but that he was not convicted on any of the charges.  During its investigation, the APD learned that Mr. Gibney was suspected of possibly pinching (or snapping the swimsuit of) a North Jeffco swimmer.  The APD investigated this allegation, but was unable to establish that a crime had occurred.  Shortly thereafter, the APD learned that Mr. Gibney was no longer employed by North Jeffco.  The APD had no other involvement in this matter.”


What this means is that there was both knowledge of George Gibney’s sex-criminal history and an incident, at best questionable, in the Denver area itself, nearly five years before another informant tipped the Wheat Ridge police in September 2000.

Concussion Inc. has filed an open records application for the Arvada police reports on Gibney.

The Wheat Ridge police records are expected to be made available to us early next week.





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Published January 27th, 2015




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