“Alleged abuser Gibney’s green card queried” — Sunday Times of London, Irish Edition

BREAKING: Arvada (Colorado) Police Say George Gibney Left North Jeffco Swim Team As Early As 1995, Following Sexual Harassment Incident And Exposure of His Irish Past
February 27, 2015
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March 2, 2015

“An American journalist investigating sexual abuse in swimming is seeking to obtain the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration file on George Gibney, a former Irish national swim coach.

Irvin Muchnick’s application, under America’s Freedom of Information Act, is being assisted by Dianne Feinstein, an influential Californian senator. A spokesman for Feinstein said her office is monitoring the application’s progress….”


The full text of the story with the lead passage above, by the Sunday Times’ Justine McCarthy – author of the book Deep Deception: Ireland’s Swimming Scandals and pioneer of global sports sex abuse coverage – is behind a paywall and inaccessible to non-subscribers.

The article details Concussion Inc.’s investigations of USA Swimming abuse, and summarizes both the progress of our FOIA request and our most recent chronicle of Gibney’s activities in the Denver area, circa 1995 to 2000, which included coaching for a sanctioned swim club. The Sunday Times also notes our report of Gibney’s travel to Peru with a local priest as what he claimed to be “chairman of the International Peru Eye Clinic,” and his stint on the advisory board for a school out of the Lookout Mountain center for at-risk youth in Golden.

In addition, the McCarthy piece quotes our statement that the FOIA is motivated by reasonable speculation that the American Swimming Coaches Association might have been involved in sponsoring Gibney’s green card.

A member of the Irish parliament, Maureen O’Sullivan, who is seeking a reopening of the 1990s criminal investigation of Gibney on dozens of allegations from the 1960s through 1991, told the Sunday Times, “What is happening in America now makes it more urgent that the case is reopened.”

In the coming week, we’ll have more on the efforts of Senator Feinstein and on the expected release of 14-plus-year-old reports on Gibney by police in the Denver suburbs of Wheat Ridge and Arvada.




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