September 27, 2011

More From Philadelphia on the Vick Concussion Bait-and-Switch

“Vick’s disappearing injuries raising eyebrows” Frank Ward http://dailyphiladelphian.com/2011/09/26/vicks-disappearing-injuries-raising-eyebrows/  
September 27, 2011

Meltzer Won’t Comment on Absence of Head Gear for 8-Year-Old Cage Grapplers in UK

Last week I touched on the controversy in Britain over an exhibition of 8-year-olds grappling inside a cage at a professional mixed martial arts event. See […]
September 27, 2011

Latest From Fixing Football (Middlebrow Division)

Linda Carroll and David Rosner have a book called Concussion Crisis: Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic, and they’re interviewed about it at the website of The […]
September 27, 2011

Stefan Fatsis Not Only Makes the Occasional Trip to the Bathroom Like the Rest of Us. He Also Watches TV!

In Monday’s penetrating installment of the Slate-Deadspin NFL Roundtable, Slate sports editor Josh Levin writes: Our friend Stefan Fatsis relates the following conversation in the Fox […]
September 28, 2011

The Search for Records on Dave Duerson’s ‘Meticulously Executed’ Suicide

Dave Duerson, the former football star, shot himself to death at his condo in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, on February 17. In addition to being identified […]
September 28, 2011

Still Missing in Action on Concussions: Senator Tom Udall, Congressman Henry Waxman, Senator Richard Blumenthal

Below is my email-and-fax message yesterday to Marissa Padilla (for Senator Tom Udall), Karen Lightfoot (for Congressman Henry Waxman), and Kate Hansen and Lily Adams (for […]
September 28, 2011

Federal Centers For Disease Control Goes Into the Concussion Protocol Business

Prodded by Senator Robert Menendez and Congressman Bill Pascrell, both of New Jersey, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has agreed to develop national guidelines […]
September 28, 2011

Centers for Disease Control: No Decisions Yet on Concussion Protocol Experts Panel

I asked federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Thomas Frieden, Senator Robert Menendez, and Congressman Bill Pascrell if the newly announced panel of […]
September 30, 2011

‘San Francisco Has Front-Row Seat for Week 3 of the Michael Vick Train Wreck’ … today at Beyond Chron

Michael Vick medical reports tend to be fungible, like Vietnam War body counts. But as this article was being written, he was assuring one and all […]
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