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Meltzer Won’t Comment on Absence of Head Gear for 8-Year-Old Cage Grapplers in UK
September 27, 2011
Stefan Fatsis Not Only Makes the Occasional Trip to the Bathroom Like the Rest of Us. He Also Watches TV!
September 27, 2011

Linda Carroll and David Rosner have a book called Concussion Crisis: Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic, and they’re interviewed about it at the website of The Atlantic. See

I love this take in an email from author-blogger Matt Chaney (whose longer writings everyone can follow at

Latest cutting-edge authors stay stepping to establishment line, playing same old song. It’s like, Oh, you can no longer watch football, but it’s “fixable” for other people? Especially the hubby, former loyal fan? Yeah, way to step out on a limb, recommend the obvious impossibility for almost any public school, qualified med response at every football collision, every practice and game–without stating it’s obviously impossible for public football in America. That act is already old, for the allegedly hardcore or indie critics, too timid to speak their minds.


Irv Muchnick

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