Federal Centers For Disease Control Goes Into the Concussion Protocol Business

Still Missing in Action on Concussions: Senator Tom Udall, Congressman Henry Waxman, Senator Richard Blumenthal
September 28, 2011
Centers for Disease Control: No Decisions Yet on Concussion Protocol Experts Panel
September 28, 2011

Prodded by Senator Robert Menendez and Congressman Bill Pascrell, both of New Jersey, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has agreed to develop national guidelines for student sports concussions.

USA Today‘s account is at http://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/story/2011-09-28/Lawmakers-CDC-to-have-student-concussion-protocol/50587808/1.

Though this is a good step in theory, what remains to be seen is who will comprise CDC’s protocol-drafting panel of experts. Anyone with National Football League or other profound “Concussion Inc.” funding should be crossed off the list. I’ll query CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden.

In my previous post, I again busted the chops of Senator Tom Udall, Congressman Henry Waxman, and Senator Richard Blumenthal for their stalled football helmet investigations. I am already of the opinion that the helmet probe is a scapegoating distraction from the bottom-line public health issue of the role of tackle football in youth programs and public schools.

If the helmet guys have halted their work in deference to the more formidable pressure by their colleagues from New Jersey, then that is a good thing. What do you say, Tom, Hank, and Dick?


Irv Muchnick

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