Legal Secretary For Rick Santorum’s Old WWE Lobbyist Re-Re-Re-Touches Up Her LinkedIn Profile

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March 24, 2012
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Over the holidays I told the story of being followed on Twitter by the mysterious Eileen Wargo, legal secretary for Jerry McDevitt, chief outside counsel and all-purpose public spokesman for Vince and Linda McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment – one of the crown jewels of McDevitt’s career as a partner at the Pittsburgh law firm now called K&L Gates.

The predecessor of K&L Gates, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, is also where presidential candidate Rick Santorum cut his teeth while working under McDevitt in the late 1980s to lobby the Pennsylvania state legislature to deregulate pro wrestling. See the links below for the full background here on both the Wargo and Santorum stories.

Where we had left things with Wargo is that she had duplicate and conflicting profiles on the social network site LinkedIn, but when I alerted LinkedIn, one of them was deleted. Neither LinkedIn, Wargo, McDevitt, K&L Gates, nor her apparent overlapping second employer, the computer software company Ariba, ever responded to my numerous inquiries at the time. However, I did capture the deleted Wargo profile, which had represented that she left K&L Gates and begun working for Ariba in the spring of 2011.

More recently – I don’t know exactly when because I don’t check LinkedIn daily or even weekly – Wargo’s seemingly legitimate profile was updated yet again, and Ariba is back in it. Now the story seems to be that she worked at Ariba from April to October 2011, yet also has still worked continuously at K&L Gates since 2001. That once again does not make sense. Maybe Wargo left McDevitt and his firm for a new job, didn’t like the new job, and came back, but for resume purposes she prefers to list her K&L Gates tenure without a break. But in that case I wonder why the interlude with Ariba is important enough to restore to her resume at all, after it had been deleted in the midst of my investigation.

Oh well. What’s really important is that Eileen Wargo is still watching me. Here’s what I did yesterday. After I woke up, my seven-year-old daughter and I watched “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men on YouTube. Then I took her to Chinese class. Then I took a nap. Then one of my sons (up from college on spring break) and I watched part of the Louisville-Florida game. Then I took another nap. Then we all went to see my other daughter perform in the beautiful spring dance production at Berkeley High. Then I took a really long nap.


Irv Muchnick



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