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December 22, 2011
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Happy Holidays, @EWKLG! Say Hello to Jerry McDevitt (And to Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Triple H).

Published December 21st, 2011

At this point it is not clear if my dear Twitter follower @EWKLG, Eileen Wargo, is stalking me on behalf of her old or current boss, WWE and McMahon family lawyer Jerry McDevitt. Nor is it clear if the evidence that she might be doing so is part of a hoax.

Obviously, Wargo has every right to monitor my work, which is public and transparent, either on her own or at someone else’s bidding. If @EWKLG is a dummy Twitter account, that would be childish, but perhaps also a byproduct of her and K&L Gates’ time spent over the years on WWE business, which might be described as the very epitome of that adjective.

I would be surprised if a law firm of this stature were involved in posting bogus information at the LinkedIn website. But, again, you never know.

McDevitt has not responded to my fax and email. I also emailed Wargo at K&L Gates, and the message did not bounce back as undeliverable, and I left a voicemail message for her there. So she would appear to be still working at the firm, and she most likely is still McDevitt’s legal secretary.

The Eileen Wargo profile at LinkedIn ( says she left K&L Gates earlier this year, still lives in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and is now employed by a computer software company, Ariba Inc., under Phil Beck, a company vice president. It turns out that Beck works out of Ariba’s California headquarters, not its Pittsburgh satellite office; he has not responded to a voicemail message I left for him. Meanwhile, neither the Sunnyvale nor the Pittsburgh switchboard operator at Ariba has a listing for an Eileen Wargo.

I will initiate with LinkedIn an investigation of the apparent planting of false information there, but I still hope to get some kind of clarification from McDevitt and Wargo themselves.


Irv Muchnick


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