Dear Jerry McDevitt, Lawyer for Linda McMahon and WWE: Are You Stalking Me?

Happy Holidays, @EWKLG! Say Hello to Jerry McDevitt (And to Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Triple H).
December 21, 2011
Concussion Inc. Flashback: Jerry McDevitt and Muchnick in the February Issue of American Lawyer Magazine
December 22, 2011

Below is the text of a letter I sent this morning by fax and email to Jerry McDevitt, a partner at the Pittsburgh law firm K&L Gates, who is a lawyer for WWE Inc. and for Vince and Linda McMahon. For background, see yesterday’s post “Happy Holidays, @EWKLG! Say Hello to Jerry McDevitt (And to Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Triple H).”

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Dear Mr. McDevitt:

Yesterday the Twitter system notified me that my account was being followed by someone with the handle “@EWKLG.” Clicking on this account name called up the information that a person named Eileen Wargo was following me, along with three others on Twitter, and also that this account was otherwise inactive. (The three others being followed are the Connecticut political journalist Tom Dudchik; the concussion management company Axon Sports; and the athletic trainer and concussion information blogger Dustin Fink.)

I recalled that your 2008 email correspondence to me had been transmitted through an Eileen Wargo. A web search showed that an Eileen Wargo advertised at LinkedIn her experience as your legal secretary. According to the LinkedIn entry, Ms. Wargo left K&L Gates this spring but is still in the Pittsburgh area, where she is employed as an executive assistant to Phil Beck, a vice president of Ariba, Inc., a computer software company. (See However, when I tried calling Ms. Wargo this morning at the Pittsburgh office of Ariba, the switchboard operator told me that she could find no information about an Eileen Wargo who was employed there.

I further note that the Twitter handle “@EWKLG” could have been devised by combining Ms. Wargo’s initials with those of your law firm. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that you or anyone else at K&L Gates did such devising. This could also be a practical joke, for example.

All of this does lead to the direct question of whether you are stalking me online. If the answer is yes, then the next question is why and on whose behalf? I note that your client Linda McMahon also has followed me on Twitter, though in her case transparently under her own name. (I am not certain if the McMahon Twitter account is following me at this moment.)

Please advise.


Irvin Muchnick



Mr. Phil Beck

Vice President

Ariba, Inc.


Mr. Vince McMahon

Chairman and CEO

WWE Inc.


Ms. Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon for Senate 2012

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