Alex Pussieldi’s USA Swimming File: “Swimmers observed a tape in a VCR located in [REDACTED’S] bedroom”

Alex Pussieldi’s USA Swimming File: “Swimmer asked if [REDACTED] videotaped him without knowledge or approval. He said yes.”
February 11, 2014
Honored Coach Alex Pussieldi and the USA Swimming Sex Abuse Cover-Up: Complete Links
February 12, 2014



[REDACTED] was asked if he told anyone about the hidden camera and [REDACTED] reported that he did not immediately tell anyone. [REDACTED] reported that after a few days he told [REDACTED] about the camera in the bathroom but [REDACTED] did not believe him. [REDACTED] reported that he also told [REDACTED] another swimmer who then resided in the house about the hidden camera. [REDACTED] reported that [REDACTED] told [REDACTED] that he too had seen the camera in the bathroom. [REDACTED] reported that [REDACTED] corroborated [REDACTED] claim and they both advised [REDACTED] about the camera. [REDACTED] was asked if he showed [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] the hidden camera and [REDACTED] said he did not and he believed [REDACTED] had removed it after [REDACTED] saw [REDACTED] in the bathroom.

[REDACTED] continued and reported that sometime thereafter, the exact date [REDACTED] could not recall, he with [REDACTED] observed a tape in a VCR located in [REDACTED] bedroom. [REDACTED] was not in the room at the time. The two engaged the VCR machine and on the tape saw themselves, specifically [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] using the bathroom at various times. [REDACTED] was asked whaat he did after discovering the tape. [REDACTED] said he and [REDACTED] were scared but said nothing to anyone at the time.[…]


EXCLUSIVE: Florida Coach Stayed on Pool Deck Nine Years After USA Swimming Investigation of Battery Complaint Against Him Also Revealed Secret Videotapes of Boys Living With Him


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