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Weekend Reading: Complete Links to ConcussionInc.’s Coverage of Rapist Swim Coach Rick Curl

Published September 22nd, 2012, Uncategorized

Washington Post: Prominent Coach Rick Curl Under Investigation For 1983 Relationship With 13-Year-Old Swimmer Published July 25th, 2012 ***** Washington Post Bombshell on Coach Rick Curl Recalls USA Swimming’s ‘Emergency Hearing Process’ and Testy PR Director Published July 25th, 2012 ***** FBI Should Investigate USA Swimming For Cover-Up of Coach Norm Havercroft’s Serial Sex Abuse […]

Muchnick Emails USA Swimming Athlete Protection Officer and PR Director Re Banned Coaches List and Status of Ad’m Dusenbury … Standing By for Response

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Below is the text of an email sent earlier today to Susan Woessner, USA Swimming’s athlete protection officer, and Karen Linhart, the public relations director. Ms. Woessner: 1. By what principle of public education on sex abuse (your presumed portfolio) is USA Swimming now emphasizing the 16 (or, as David Berkoff said, “nearly a dozen”) […]

Washington Post Drowns Itself in Non-Coverage of Indictment of Rapist Coach Rick Curl’s Underling Noah Rucker

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The Vienna (Virginia) Patch, television station WJLA, and the swim news site are among the news outlets that have reported the grand jury indictment this week of Noah Rucker, a coach at statutory rapist Rick Curl’s former club, on charges of sex with a minor swimmer Rucker had coached in high school. Not reporting […]

Dissident NFL Retiree Dave Pear on Sean Pamphilon’s New Documentary ‘United States of Football’

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Award-winning filmmaker Sean Pamphilon’s documentary United States of Football has had in first screening in Pittsburgh, which Pamphilon calls “ground zero” of the sport’s crisis. Early this year I published a short ebook on the National Football League-connected charlatans at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and titled it UPMC: Concussion Crisis Ground Zero. Great […]

Tim Joyce on USA Swimming’s Weasel Language and Blame-the-Victim Line With Rapist Coach Rick Curl

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Latest from Tim Joyce. Read it. “USA Swimming’s Suspension Of Curl Raises More Questions Than Answers” * “It took one year for an investigator, a former FBI agent, to locate a victim of abuse by one of the most high profile coaches in the sport?” * ” David Berkoff himself heard about Currin’s abuse  twenty […]