Muchnick Email to USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Officer and PR Director … Standing By For Response

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September 19, 2012
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September 19, 2012

Below is the text of an email just sent to Susan Woessner, USA Swimming’s athlete protection officer, and Karen Linhart, the public relations director.

The new update of the banned list now includes Rick Curl but not Noah Rucker. According to The Washington Post, USA Swimming said Rucker is “suspended.” Is he “provisionally” suspended, as Curl was before today? Is he “permanently” suspended, as Curl is today? If the latter, then why isn’t Rucker on the banned list?

A final question is directed to Ms. Linhart alone. In Omaha, you threatened to have security eject me from the CenturyLink Center, before a session of the Olympic Trials, after I politely approached you and asked for an update on Rucker’s announced “emergency hearing.” Please advise whether you will now seek to have me ejected from the Internet.

Irv Muchnick

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