Victim’s Lawyer: ‘Rick Curl Was the Proverbial Jerry Sandusky Within USA Swimming’

BULLETIN: Rick Curl Waives Hearing, Is Permanently Banned by USA Swimming
September 19, 2012
After Ban of Rick Curl, ‘the Proverbial Sandusky’ — Chronological Links to ConcussionInc.’s Coverage of USA Swimming Sex Abuse and Cover-Up
September 19, 2012

B. Robert Allard, attorney for Kelley Davies-Currin, has issued the following statement:

“The decision on behalf of Mr. Curl to capitulate without a public hearing conclusively demonstrates that each and every one of the allegations that my client presented are completely 100% true and accurate.  The fact that Mr. Curl has now been permanently banned from USA membership is only the first of what we hope are many steps, including imprisonment, which will be taken against him to ensure that justice is served for the heinous acts committed upon my client when she was just a child.  Now, we proceed to the extent of the knowledge possessed by USA Swimming and why action was not taken earlier.  Indeed, in its statement that was issued by USA Swimming on September 18, 2012 concerning the Mark Schubert lawsuit recently filed in Orange County, CA, the organization saliently failed to deny, or even address, the allegations that its organization, particularly through its Executive Director Chuck Wielgus, had known about Mr. Curl’s molestation of Ms. Currin for a number of years and failed to take any action whatsoever in response thereto.  Mr. Curl was the proverbial Jerry Sandusky within this organization and, similar to Penn State immediately moving to rid itself of those who knew and did nothing, we are not going to stop until the same is done at USA Swimming, starting with Mr. Wielgus and the man who has admitted to knowing all about Mr. Curl going back to the early 1990’s and failed to take effective action to protect young swimmers- Vice President David Berkoff.”

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