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February 19, 2024

“Time to nail U.S.- based swimming coach pedophile George Gibney” … now at Village, Ireland’s Political and Cultural Magazine

George Gibney, the story that won’t die, is also the story that won’t live – or at least isn’t given the oxygen to breathe. The latest […]
February 15, 2024

“Vince McMahon’s ‘Rosebud’ moment: Was a family secret behind his career of abuse?” … full text from Salon

The article below was first published on February 10 at   by Irvin Muchnick   For many years the quintessentially Trumpian phenomenon of pro wrestling […]
February 10, 2024

“Vince McMahon’s ‘Rosebud’ moment: Was a family secret behind his career of abuse?” … today at Salon
January 27, 2024

“Lurid new allegations surface in WWE boss and Trump crony Vince McMahon’s sex abuse case” — today at Salon

Late Friday, McMahon, WWE, and TKO Holdings announced his resignation.
January 15, 2024

Guest Column by Debbie Denithorne-Grodensky, Survivor of Abuser Swimming Coach Andy King: Some Things to Add to the Legacy of the Recently Deceased Richard Thornton

by Debra Denithorne-Grodensky   Richard Thornton, a member of the 1980 Olympic swimming team (the year the U.S. boycotted the Moscow Summer Games) and a long-time […]
December 28, 2023

2024 Could Be the Year of the Elusive Renewed George Gibney Prosecution. But Here’s What Also Could Derail It.

UNDERWATER: The Greed-Soaked Tale of Sexual Abuse in USA Swimming and Around the Globe will be published in 2024 by ECW Press. It will include two […]
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