CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death

November 10, 2022
California Court of Appeal Is Setting a Harmful Precedent For Designating the ‘Prevailing Party’ in Public Records Act Cases Resulting in New Documents Exposing Public Agency Malfeasance
November 9, 2022
In the Public Records Act Case About the Ted Agu Football Death Cover-Up, the University of California Didn’t Even Stop Short of Outright Lying in Order to Get Its Way at the Court of Appeal
November 10, 2022
T his influential book, first published in 2009, bridges the worlds of sports, “sports entertainment,” and national politics, and helped put the sports concussion crisis on the map. CHRIS & NANCY is the true-crime account of the events of June 2007, when WWE star Chris Benoit murdered his wife and their 7-year-old son, before taking his own life. The Benoit story spurred the research of chronic traumatic encephalopathy pioneer Dr. Bennet Omalu, inspired Congressional investigations, and impacted the Senate campaigns of WWE co-founder Linda McMahon.Today, her husband Vince's global pop culture franchise is more entrenched than ever -- while their pal Donald Trump has staged a remarkable populist, demagogic, wrestling-style takeover of politics and public style.

"Irv Muchnick produces magnificent investigative journalism." -- Frank Deford

“Should be called Zen and the Art of Scandal Maintenance. An instant cult classic.” -- Larry Matysik, late wrestling promoter and historian

“If you can read what Irv has dug up and continue to turn your head, then your powers of denial exceed mine.” -- from the Foreword by New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick

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