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UPMC Cranks Up Concussion Cure Quack Quotient – Will New York Times and Senator Udall Take Them On?

I hope Alan Schwarz, the baseball statistics nerd who used his arithmetical wizardry to bring the football helmet industry to its knees, will come out of […]

Pittsburgh: National Capital of Concussion Inc. – And Proud of It!

Yesterday I caustically analyzed the latest hype artistry from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program – courtesy of director Micky Collins, director […]

Kris Dielman Retires, Four Months After Grand Mal Seizure on Team Plane

Kris Dielman has announced his retirement. Dielman is the Pro Bowl offensive guard for the San Diego Chargers who suffered an obvious in-game concussion last October. […]

Open Letter to NFL Concussion Consultant Dr. Richard Ellenbogen: ‘Speak the Full Truth to America’s Parents About the Future of Football’

Richard Ellenbogen, M.D. Co-Chair National Football League Head, Neck and Spine Committee   Dear Dr. Ellenbogen: I choose this method of communicating with you, in part, […]

Concussion Inc. Flashback: ‘And the NFL Band Played On …’ (June 28, 2011)

And the NFL Band Played On: Concussion Crisis Destined To Become Sports World Counterpart of AIDS Saga (full text) Published June 28th, 2011 [originally published 6/24 […]

Dear Blumenthal of Connecticut, One of the ‘Senators From Concussions’: Why is the CDC in Bed With the NFL?

Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is one of two senators investigating the Rite Aid pharmacy chain’s use of “wellness ambassadors,” whose role appears to be pushing the […]

Bryan Donohue, UPMC’s Resveratrol Huckster and WWE Cardiologist, Takes Down His Website For Good

In previous reporting on this blog and in my recently published ebook UPMC: Concussion Scandal Ground Zero, I outed the beta website pages of Dr. Bryan […]

Legal Secretary For Rick Santorum’s Old WWE Lobbyist Re-Re-Re-Touches Up Her LinkedIn Profile

Over the holidays I told the story of being followed on Twitter by the mysterious Eileen Wargo, legal secretary for Jerry McDevitt, chief outside counsel and […]


CONCUSSION INC.: The End of Football As We Know It Inside the controversial and newsworthy issue of concussions in American football — Muchnick’s trademark no-holds-barred investigation […]

Concussion Inc. - Author Irvin Muchnick