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How Did Ric Flair Fall Through the Cracks of WWE’s ‘Wellness Policy’ Cardio Screening?

Sad-sack pro wrestling legend Ric Flair – still slicing up his own forehead and taking “bumps” for other promotions in his 60s, three years after “retiring” from […]

Jerome Bettis Bus Makes a Stop at Concussion Inc.

Celebrity, commerce, and a false sense of awareness all intersect at the corner of former National Football League star Jerome Bettis and Dick’s Sporting Goods – […]

If It Quacks Like a Duck: San Diego Chargers’ Dr. Chao Inducted Into NFL Gallery of Medical Heroes

Deadspin, the provocative and offbeat sports site, has a story about the troubling professional and personal history of Dr. David Chao, the San Diego Chargers’ team […]

Sources 2.0: Muchnick About to Announce Coverage of Linda McMahon’s 2012 Senate Campaign

Author Irvin Muchnick is getting ready to scrutinize Linda McMahon’s new bid for a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut, said several sources familiar with his plans. […]

Duerson Apparently Did Not Review Andrew Stewart NFL Disability Claim

On August 16, FoxSports.com’s Alex Marvez broke the story of a lawsuit against the National Football League’s Bert Bell / Pete Rozelle Retirement Plan, in federal […]

Introducing the ‘Senate Candidate Linda McMahon Archive’

Barely ten months after losing by 12 points to Richard Blumenthal in her campaign for the seat of the retiring Chris Dodd, Linda McMahon has officially […]

Why Won’t NFL Identify ‘Independent Neurologist’ Who Cleared Michael Vick to Return to Play Today?

In two emails yesterday to the media relations staff, I asked the Philadelphia Eagles the identity of the “independent neurologist” who cleared Michael Vick to play […]

‘San Francisco Has Front-Row Seat for Week 3 of the Michael Vick Train Wreck’ (full text)

[originally published 9/30/11 at http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/San_Francisco_Has_Front_Row_Seat_for_Week_3_of_the_Michael_Vick_Train_Wreck_9563.html]   Michael Vick medical reports tend to be fungible, like Vietnam War body counts. But as this article was being written, […]

Congress of Neurological Surgeons’ ‘Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy’

As I’ve been reporting, attendees of the annual meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) gave National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell a standing ovation […]

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