Tomas Victoria, Business Partner of USA Swimming Covered-Up Human Trafficker Alex Pussieldi, Rattles His Saber in an Email to Muchnick

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June 6, 2014
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June 8, 2014

by Irvin Muchnick

Last night I received an email from Tomas Victoria, Alex Pussieldi’s former co-owner of the now defunct Davie Nadadores swim club. Here’s the full text:
“I just received an email about an article you wrote involving me and my wife on a subject that has absolutely nothing to do with accusations made against Alex Pussieldi on a matter about sexual abuse. I will warn you that your article is being revised by my attorney and you will be contacted soon based on your handling of this situation. The FGC decision about a different  subject on technicalities made by Davies Nadadores has no correlation to the Alex Pussieldi’s case. Your TMZ style of investigation is very unprofessional and disgusting. Speaking of concussion you probably need to be examined. Looks to me you are some how desperate to get some cheap notoriety through this lame concussion ink garbage.”


Typing “Tomas Victoria” into the search field at this site shows the following references to him:

On February 27, we quoted the owner of Azura Florida Aquatics, Giancula Alberani, saying in part: “… I was an assistant coach at Davie Nadadores Swim Team for 3 years under Alex Pussieldi and Tomas Victoria, owners of the company. I decided to open Azura Florida Aquatics after they both announced their retirement …”

On March 25, we reported the suspensions of Pussieldi and Victoria by Florida Gold Coast Aquatics.

On March 27, we reported on speculation of Pussieldi’s ongoing involvement in South Florida swimming. The story reiterated: “Last year he announced his retirement from coaching when he and his Nadadores partner, Tomas Victoria, were up before the Gold Coast Swimming board of review on many counts – some say hundreds of them – of illegally importing foreign swimmers for Florida age-group meets.”

On April 7, we published the order by Florida Gold Coast Swimming fining and indefinitely suspending Pussieldi and Victoria.

On April 8, we reported on what Pussieldi’s filings with the Florida secretary of state said about his business partners, including Victoria and his wife.

On April 16, in the course of a story about Kaley Lucas — the sealed-lips witness of the original 2004 secret sex video police allegations against Pussieldi — we reiterated the Pussieldi-Victoria suspensions by Florida Gulf Coast Swimming, and added that the Davie Nadadores fell apart after Nova Southeastern University, which housed the club and many of its swimmers, gave them the boot.

On April 28, Victoria was mentioned in the course of our blasting the embarrassingly glowing 2012 article about the club by Linda Robertson of the Miami Herald.


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