Keep Signing the Anti-Chuck Wielgus Petition — His Hall of Fame Induction Is Moot But, Outrageously, He Still Has His Job

We’re Sorry to Have to Act Like It Begins to Matter That USA Swimming’s Chuck Wielgus Says He’s Sorry
June 6, 2014
Tomas Victoria, Business Partner of USA Swimming Covered-Up Human Trafficker Alex Pussieldi, Rattles His Saber in an Email to Muchnick
June 7, 2014

by Irvin Muchnick


The petition by swimming sex abuse victims against the International Swimming Hall of Fame induction of USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus is still online at

At the beginning of the week, Wielgus rendered the campaign academic when he withdrew his name from the Hall of Fame honor, which had been scheduled for June 14. At the time, the petition had just under 1,000 supporters. As this article was being posted, the petition was up to 1,754 signatures.

The narrow objective of the petition has been met, so in that sense, co-signing it is little more than piling on. But I say, keep piling on. This petition is a rehearsal for the next and more substantive one: getting Wielgus to step down as USA Swimming chief, or the USA Swimming board to fire him.


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