(III) Not Fit to Print in the Baltimore City Paper — Two of the Bullying/Harassing Swimmer Clique Were McDonogh School Computer Thieves

(II) Not Fit to Print in the Baltimore City Paper — The Baltimore County Police And the ‘Lost’ Report From USA Swimming
August 6, 2013
(IV) Not Fit to Print in the Baltimore City Paper — USA Swimming National Board of Review Chair Resigns After Concussion Inc. Story
August 6, 2013

My post earlier today got it wrong. Turns out that Baltimore’s City Paper didn’t delete four of the five bullet points in my letter to the editor in this week’s issue; it deleted all five bullet points.

Here they are, one by one, with complete links to coverage here of the topics regarding the North Baltimore Aquatic Club that this “alternative” newspaper will not touch.


III. Last year two students at the McDonogh School in Owings Mills were quietly expelled on computer theft charges. The students were two of several who also swim, or used to swim, at NBAC and were at the center of the clique of bullies and harassers of the alleged victim in the February 2012 incident underlying the lawsuit against me. The bullying and harassment both preceded and succeeded the incident itself. Murray Stephens is a major benefactor of McDonogh and his wife is a trustee there. No one at McDonogh will comment on why Stephens, who is unofficially banned from being seen on the deck at his own aquatic center, has been allowed on the deck at the McDonogh natatorium to coach his son.






EXCLUSIVE: Murray Stephens, Disgraced Founder of Michael Phelps’ North Baltimore Aquatic Club, Supervising Son’s Workouts at Private School Pool

Published March 19th, 2013

Additional Questions to USA Swimming and the McDonogh Prep School on the Activities of Coach Murray Stephens, Who Was Forced Out of Michael Phelps’ North Baltimore Aquatic Club

Published March 20th, 2013

Safe4Athletes’ Katherine Starr’s ‘Lowlights’ From the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation Child Abuse Summit

Published March 22nd, 2013
NEXT: Jill Chasson resigns as chair of USA Swimming’s National Board of Review after Concussion Inc. reports that, as underage NBAC Olympic swimmer Jill Johnson in the 1980s, she had a relationship with NBAC’s No. 2 man, John Cadigan.

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