Rapist Swim Coach Rick Curl’s Sentencing Hearing Thursday

USA Swimming President Dale Neuburger Even Played Dumb About the Firing of His Own Son’s Coach Following a Swimmers-on-Swimmer Sex Assault
May 20, 2013
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May 21, 2013

The sentencing hearing for Rick Curl, for his guilty plea in the sexual molestation of his swimmer Kelley Davies in the 1980s, will be held Thursday, 1:30 p.m. EDT, at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Rockville, Maryland, before Circuit Court Judge Marielsa A. Bernard.

We are told that Kelley Davies — now named Kelley Currin — will be in attendance and will make a public statement. Her statement is expected to be highly critical of USA Swimming, its executive director Chuck Wielgus, its vice president David Berkoff, and her former coach at the University of Texas, Mark Schubert, all of whom have known for decades about Curl’s abuse of Davies-Currin.

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  1. SCAQ Tony says:

    Please note: USA Swimming Vice President, David Berkoff, admitted in emails that he knew of the sexual abuse Kelley Davies Currin suffered yet failed to report it and still he is actually the Vice President of USA Swimming.

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