USA Swimming President Dale Neuburger Even Played Dumb About the Firing of His Own Son’s Coach Following a Swimmers-on-Swimmer Sex Assault

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My colleague Tim Joyce points out that I was much too kind to Dale Neuburger in the post earlier this morning about how he played dumb in deposition testimony on such things as the marriage of Jill Chasson, the head of USA Swimming’s National Board of Review, to coach Mike Chasson, and the nationally televised exposure of the sex crimes of famous swimmer and coach Mitch Ivey. (“Swimming’s Harassment of Critics and Whistleblowers Includes Failed Bar Association Complaint Against Victims’ Attorney,”

In one of Joyce’s since-disappeared articles last year for WBAL Radio in Baltimore, he told of how Neuburger, a former board president of USA Swimming, even claimed not to know the circumstances of the firing of his own son’s high school swim coach. See “USA SWIMMING SCANDAL — Part 2 of the Indiana Connection,”

Here are the money quotes from the Joyce piece:


Tony Young was lucky. More importantly, he was well connected.

After all, in 1998, while coaching the high school swim team in Carmel, Indiana, three of his swimmers were accused of attacking a mentally handicapped young boy in the showers, sodomizing him with a shampoo bottle. Charges were brought against Young for failure to report the crime, a most serious offense, especially someone involved with looking after children. But his case was curiously dismissed. The swimmers were never even charged. A civil case against the swimmers and the school was settled before going to trial, with terms undisclosed. Very little follow-up investigation was conducted by the local media, which is entirely consistent with the scant coverage of the USA Swimming sexual abuse scandal.

Young was forced to resign his position as coach of the high school team.

Young likely had many friends within the incestuous USA Swimming universe who could have aided his efforts to restore his respectability in the swim community. One of his acquaintances with links to the swim world was Dale Neuburger, whose son was a member of Young’s high school swim team at the time the heinous assault took place. Neuburger and Young have also worked in the same office building in Indianapolis for years.

Amazingly, with all of his involvement within the Indiana and national swim community, and the fact that his own son was on Tony Young’s team at the time of the assault of the handicapped boy, Neuburger stated in 2011, under oath, that he had no idea of why Tony Young was let go as the Carmel High School coach.



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