See It Now: Incriminating Berkeley Campus Cop’s Report Refers to Ted Agu’s ‘Pre-Existing Medical Condition’. Plus, Bonus Document Probably Not in the Secret 141-Page Police Binder: EMS Report Specifically Citing Sickle Cell Trait

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March 19, 2019
Team Doctor’s Borderline-Perjurious 2014 Deposition Testimony in Ted Agu Family’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against University of California Underlies the UC Berkeley Football Death Cover-Up
March 20, 2019


“See It Now: In ‘Do-Over’ Interrogation, Berkeley Campus Cops Lead Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Damon Harrington to Answers About Ted Agu’s Sickle Cell Trait That Avoid ‘Not Telling the Truth or Being Deceptive’,” March 13, 2019,

“Ted Agu’s ‘Pre-Existing Medical Condition Was in First Sentence of Berkeley Campus Police Incident Report — New Find From University of California’s 141-Page Collection of Cover-Up Documents,” March 19, 2019,

Complete headline links to our series on the Ted Agu death cover-up (beginning November 2013 — before Agu’s death):


by Irvin Muchnick


Yesterday Concussion Inc. published the full text of the narrative in the incident report by Officer Stephanie Martinez of the Berkeley campus police — the root documentation of the February 7, 2014, conditioning drill death of Cal football player Ted Agu.

Independently obtained by this reporter, the document is part of the 141-page secret binder that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey S. Brand, following a zig-zag of “tentative rulings,” found to be untouchable in my California Public Records Act case against the UC Regents. The university had spent $4.75 million in taxpayer funds, plus untold legal and crisis communications expenditures, to come to a settlement of the Agu family’s wrongful death lawsuit in 2016.

The 15th through 22nd words of Officer Martinez’s report, “male subject with a pre-existing medical condition,” render absurd any rationalization that the 141 pages protected by UC, with the blessing of Judge Brand, involve suspicion of criminal activity, rather than use of the campus police force as an agency for containing the institution’s inevitable civil lawsuit exposure. If there is any suspicious criminality in this document, it is not in Agu’s death itself but in the cover-up of it — as is plausibly revealed by the contents and perpetuated by their exemption from public scrutiny.

At, you now can view a facsimile.

And yesterday brought more. Another campus source has provided us with another piece of evidence from 2/7/14. This latest newly surfaced document apparently is not part of the disputed campus police binder; in any event, it does not readily correspond to any of the chapters of the table of contents whose text we previously acquired and published.

The new document goes further than the dispatched cop’s notation of a “pre-existing medical condition.” It records the Emergency Medical Services response to the 911 call for Agu, and the all-caps couldn’t be clearer: “PATIENT HAS HISTORY OF SICKLE CELL.

Look for an article later today at Concussion Inc. linking to a view of the EMS report facsimile. In the same piece we’ll be answering an additional intriguing question: Who on the Cal football staff must have told the campus police and the paramedics that Ted Agu was a sickle cell trait carrier?

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