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Ted Agu’s ‘Pre-Existing Medical Condition’ Was in First Sentence of Berkeley Campus Police Incident Report — New Find From University of California’s 141-Page Collection of Cover-Up Documents
March 19, 2019
See It Now: Incriminating Berkeley Campus Cop’s Report Refers to Ted Agu’s ‘Pre-Existing Medical Condition’. Plus, Bonus Document Probably Not in the Secret 141-Page Police Binder: EMS Report Specifically Citing Sickle Cell Trait
March 20, 2019

Irvin Muchnick@irvmuch

(1/7) Even with Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey S. Brand going along with the travesty of keeping secret the UC Berkeley campus police 141-page binder on the 2014 Ted Agu football conditioning death, here’s what we know: (continued)

(2/7) The very first sentence of the report of the Berkeley campus police officer who responded to Ted Agu’s medical emergency referred to “a pre-existing medical condition.” That pre-existing medical condition was sickle cell trait.

(3/7) Damon Harrington, Sonny Dykes’ strength & conditioning assistant, was so evasive during interrogation that campus police Lt. Marc DeCoulode ordered a “do-over” in which he coached the coach on how to avoid “not telling the truth or being deceptive.”

(4/7) By self-servingly citing “privacy” for a dead person, Ted Agu, UC Berkeley dodged early public questions about sickle cell trait even while Casey Batten, the football team physician, was privately lobbying and misleading Thomas Beaver, the coroner.

(5/7) The coroner ruled Ted Agu’s Cal football conditioning death was “heart failure.” The next year, in the family’s $4.75 million wrongful death lawsuit, coroner admitted UC doc Batten never told him about sickle cell and pushed generic heart failure.

(6/7) The evidence is clear: UC Berkeley’s football doctor, Casey Batten, manipulated medical info in the 2014 Ted Agu conditioning drill death. And the institution obstructed justice.

(7/7) Cal football doc Casey Batten’s (now with the LA Rams) articulate explanation: “I don’t recall that I had a conversation where we — I think we did say something along the lines of it appeared to be, … I think it was — it might have been after…”

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