Team Doctor’s Borderline-Perjurious 2014 Deposition Testimony in Ted Agu Family’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against University of California Underlies the UC Berkeley Football Death Cover-Up

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March 20, 2019
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March 20, 2019

The text below is an excerpt from the November 5, 2014, deposition transcript of Dr. Casey Batten — then the football team doctor for the Cal Golden Bears, now with the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams.


“Q Did you ever talk to the coroner?

A I did on the phone.

Q When? After the report was issued?

A After — excuse me? After —

Q After the report was issued, you were able to talk to him?

A Umm, I believe I tried talking with him briefly before that.

Q Before he issued his report?

A (Witness nods head)

Q Why would you do that?

A To give them clinical history.

Q So you provided the clinical history the medical examiner would have used to determine the cause of death?

A No. Our medical records did.

Q Okay. Well, if you provide them medical records, why would you need to talk to them?

A We just sort of — to be a resource.

Q I — I’m not following you. You said to provide them with a history. Did you verbally provide them with a history as well as the —

A No. He did not — he did not take my — my, umm, phone call.

Q You did not talk —

A I talked with him briefly, but I didn’t give him — he didn’t — didn’t give him significant history. They said they’ll take care of it with medical records.

Q So, in other words, you — he — he didn’t want to discuss —

A Yes. Exactly.

Q — the matter what you?

A Exactly.

Q Your testimony is that you talked to Dr. Beaver, but Dr. Beaver did not want to discuss the case with you. In terms of the merits, he was going to look at the medical records?

A Correct.

Q Okay. And you never suggested to him your opinions or your history or anything like that, correct?

A Umm, I don’t recall that I had a conversation where we — I think we did say something along the lines of it appeared to be, but it was — I think it was — it might have been after — I really don’t recall when I spoke with him.”

Q Did you tell him you thought it was a heart issue that caused this young man’s death — on the telephone — prior to him concluding, as a medical examiner, what the cause of death was?

A I told him that he had — I also called — we gave the sickle cell information to him. And, umm — and said, you know, based on everything, it doesn’t appear — it appears — I don’t remember the exact words I said — but this appears to be most consistent with a cardiac issue. I said I would not be surprised if there was an underlying cardiac issue.

Q You said that to him?

A Yes. Along those lines.”


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