Bennet Omalu Foundation Is Officially Killed Following Concussion Inc.’s Reports on Its Inactivity

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by Irvin Muchnick

Dr. Bennet Omalu has confirmed that he is pulling the plug on the University of Pittsburgh foundation bearing his name.

In an email to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Omalu said, “I am making adjustments in my life to reduce the demands on my time and life, which have really gotten worse since the [Concussion] movie was released, and are beginning to affect my family. Since this foundation bears my name, I suggested they shut it down since I no longer wanted to be part of it.”


There is no evidence that the Bennet Omalu Foundation did anything of substance in its 11 months of existence. The producers of Concussion put up around $25,000 for public relations expenses coinciding with the opening of the movie, which starred Will Smith as Omalu. An additional $2,823 in small donations accrued at the end of 2015, presumably through the foundation website, which was shut down on Tuesday. Further financial data should be revealed in the group’s 2016 tax filing.

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