Bennet Omalu Foundation’s Twitter Account Appears To Be Scrubbed

Published November 21st, 2016, Uncategorized


“Whatever Happened to the Bennet Omalu Foundation at the University of Pittsburgh?”, November 14,

“‘Concussion’ Movie Director, Along With Doc Portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Are Out at University of Pittsburgh’s Inactive Bennet Omalu Foundation,” November 20,


by Irvin Muchnick

The Bennet Omalu Foundation’s public presence has further shrunk with the apparent cancellation of its Twitter account. The social media site now shows the error message “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” from the links at the foundation’s website and Facebook page, and from web browser URL’s and

This development follows Concussion Inc.’s reports that the foundation has been, for all practical purposes, inactive following an initial $25,000 infusion, for website design and marketing, by the companies of Ridley Scott, producer of last year’s movie Concussion, starring Will Smith. The film told a controversially skewed version of Omalu’s discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in dead football players, and did poorly at the box office.

We further reported that Dr. Julian Bailes, the Omalu research partner who was played in Concussion by Alec Baldwin, has left the foundation board of trustees — as has Peter Landesman, the movie’s director and writer. The only foundation player to comment on all this was Landesman, via a bizarre attempt at a humorous email.

Except for removing the names of Bailes and Landesman, plus today taking the step that rendered dead its link to an Omalu Foundation Twitter account, the group’s website seems to have done nothing beyond promoting recent awards given to its namesake — and even those types of updates stopped in July. The foundation’s Facebook account, also all but shuttered, has been silent for more than two months.