Twitter Busts Fake Account That Was Harassing Mothers of Dead Football Youth

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November 23, 2016
Bennet Omalu Foundation Is Officially Killed Following Concussion Inc.’s Reports on Its Inactivity
November 26, 2016

Update on the mysteriously silent Bennet Omalu Foundation: The University of Pittsburgh said, just before Thanksgiving, that it still had no information on why the foundation website was shut down. A university spokesperson, Joseph John Miksch, said he had contacted the foundation’s public relations person. Miksch declined to identify who that person is.


by Irvin Muchnick

Twitter earlier this week purged @carryon123456, which is believed to be one of the several troll accounts by which Brooke de Lench of the MomsTeam Institute harasses critics of youth football — most particularly advocates who are mothers of dead players.

The social media company said it had investigated and suspended @carryon123456 “as it was found to be participating in abusive behavior.”

Last December and January, Concussion Inc. reported on how de Lench, whose organization was a marketing partner of the movie Concussion, smeared to a reporter for Newsweek a family that had lost a son to chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The links to the series are below.

In much milder form, I have felt the wrath of troll Brooke de Lench through the “protected” Twitter surrogate account @TeamBinder.


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