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‘USA Swimming Scandal: The Curious Case Of David Berkoff’

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Timothy Joyce WBAL Radio

Peeling ‘The Onion’ of the ImPACT Concussion Frauds

Published August 31st, 2012, Uncategorized

They say that when Walter Cronkite expressed misgivings about the Tet Offensive,  President Johnson knew he’d lost the hearts and minds of average Americans on the wisdom of the Vietnam War. They also say that when Johnny Carson started telling Watergate jokes, the people around President Nixon knew he was toast. Today we have The […]

Get Set for the Conventions of Our Two Major National Sex Abuse-Enabling Swim Organizations. Wait! Which One Is Which?

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It will be a September to remember for our national youth swimming program – culminating in a hearing on the 19th by USA Swimming’s national board of review on what to do about a top coach, Rick Curl, now that we all know for sure, instead of merely suspecting, that he raped one of his […]

Safe4Athletes’ Katherine Starr: ‘Kelley Davies and I Were Two of Four Texas Teammates Who Had Been Raped by Their Youth Coaches’

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Over the weekend, in a post centered around my interview with Title X pioneer, former University of Texas women’s athletics director, and current consultant Donna Lopiano, I promised a fuller treatment of the group Safe4Athletes and its founder Katherine Starr. Here it is. The Wisconsin-born, British-reared Starr swam for the United Kingdom Olympic team in […]

Another Sex Criminal Coach Found Right Under USA Swimming’s Nose. (In other words … it’s Wednesday.)

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“Somerset YMCA swim coach fired after officials learn he pleaded guilty to sex with teen in ’95” The above headline and link are from, July 31. “Ex-swim Coach Pleads Guilty To Sex With Girl Joseph Weber Could Face Up To 25 Years In Prison. Germantown Academy Fired Him In February.” This second headline and […]