August 29, 2011

NFL Retirees’ ‘Legacy Fund’ Boost an Obvious Throwaway Line of Lockout-Ending CBA

Dissident National Football League retiree Dave Pear’s blog has more primary-source email exchanges among principals about the confused status of increased pensions for pre-1993 players as […]
August 30, 2011

Jerome Bettis Bus Makes a Stop at Concussion Inc.

Celebrity, commerce, and a false sense of awareness all intersect at the corner of former National Football League star Jerome Bettis and Dick’s Sporting Goods – […]
August 31, 2011

‘Only Let Your Kids Play Football If You Also Let Them Box’

The headline of this post is also the rally cry of sports-talk radio host Dan Bernstein of WSCR in Chicago. Bernstein has drawn the line perfectly […]
September 1, 2011

Hockey’s Wade Belak — Probable Suicide

“The sweetest, most gentle guy ever, former Leaf Belak commits suicide” Toronto Star http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/article/1047590–the-sweetest-most-gentle-guy-ever-former-leaf-belak-commits-suicide?bn=1
September 1, 2011

Muchnick Flashback: Is There Now a Feeding Frenzy of Concussion-Related Sports Suicides? (May 23)

[originally published May 23 at Beyond Chron, http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/Is_There_Now_a_Feeding_Frenzy_of_Concussion_Related_Sports_Suicides__9204.html] Is There Now a Feeding Frenzy of Concussion-Related Sports Suicides? by Irvin Muchnick We now know that hockey […]
September 1, 2011

Muchnick’s Interview on Suicide of Wade Belak and Young Deaths of Other Hockey ‘Enforcers’

Irvin Muchnick’s September 1 interview with Jim Richards of Toronto’s NewsTalk 1010, discussing the implications of the suicide of recently retired National Hockey League “enforcer” Wade […]
September 2, 2011

If It Quacks Like a Duck: San Diego Chargers’ Dr. Chao Inducted Into NFL Gallery of Medical Heroes

Deadspin, the provocative and offbeat sports site, has a story about the troubling professional and personal history of Dr. David Chao, the San Diego Chargers’ team […]
September 5, 2011

Lee Roy Selmon’s Death, From a Stroke, Is Latest Cruel Irony of Football Brain Injury Saga

The grotesque twists of the National Football League concussion drama keep coming. Early last week, Lee Roy Selmon – the defensive end who was the iconic […]
September 6, 2011

‘You Have a Point’ About Lee Roy Selmon Coverage — Tampa Tribune’s Joey Johnston

Yesterday I posted an item with the uncomfortable suggestion that coverage of the death of Lee Roy Selmon should have included the information that, days before […]
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