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January 11, 2022

The Nexus of Sickle Cell Trait and Football Death Is Not Fit to Print in the New York Times

by Irvin Muchnick   On December 28, New York Times medical writer Gina Kolata did an article about how African-Americans are inadequately alerted to the basic […]
January 5, 2022

Tragic Update on the Irish Casualties of the 2015 Berkeley Balcony Collapse

Today, Broadsheet in Ireland publishes my updated photos, from in front of the Library Gardens apartment complex in Berkeley, California, of the sidewalk memorial to the […]
December 20, 2021

Good News May Loom in Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Appalling Defamation Lawsuit Against a Critic. And ‘SLAPP’ Target Bill Villa Is Poised to Countersue DA James Martin.

P.S. 12/22/21 Two days after the piece below went live, I learned that Judge Shenkin, on December 15, already had denied Villa’s motion for summary judgment. […]
December 12, 2021

Do-Nothing U.S. Center for SafeSport Finally Does Something! Of Course, That Something Is to Legally Harass a Lawyer For Abuse Victims.

by Irvin Muchnick   Readers of this site know that I consider the U.S. Center for SafeSport – the de facto nascent Internal Affairs Bureau for […]
December 6, 2021

‘Football’s unknown epidemic: When Black players die suddenly, the cover-up begins’ (full text from Salon)

The piece below was originally published at Salon on November 13, at   by Irvin Muchnick   In the predawn hours of February 7, 2014, […]
December 5, 2021

At Virginia Union University, Another Originally Mislabeled Cardiac Event Death During Football Conditioning Turns Out to Be ‘Acute Sickle Cell Crisis’

by Irvin Muchnick   On November 17 this blog published a pungent follow-up to my recent Salon article about non-traumatic football conditioning deaths, with special focus […]
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