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Memo to Courant’s Rick Green: Four Questions for Linda McMahon

Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green is meeting Tuesday with Linda McMahon. He says so in a blog post last Friday, “Linda McMahon, Retard Jokes and the […]

Kelly Kelly Skit Was PG-PG Dumb-Dumb. (And By the Way, WWE Death Touches Her, Too.)

Senate candidate Linda McMahon calls World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw show, Monday nights on USA cable, the longest-running weekly episodic series on television. When the content is […]

Where Does WWE’s ‘Medical Director’ Fit in Shakeup of NFL’s Concussion Committee?

The New York Times‘ Alan Schwarz — who has done some of the best work on the House Judiciary Committee hearings that spurred the National Football […]

Watch the Cardiovascular Health Consultant for Linda McMahon’s WWE Pimp an Unregulated Supplement on YouTube

As I have been reporting for the last 12 hours, the December autopsy report on World Wrestling Entertainment performer Eddie “Umaga” Fatu shows that he had […]

NFL Says WWE’s Medical Director Still on Concussion Committee

I called the office of National Football League media relations guy Greg Aiello to find out what I could about the tenure and status of Dr. […]

How NOT to Get a Gig With WWE’s Crack Medical Team

I haven’t yet told you about World Wrestling Entertainment’s consulting endocrinologist on matters related to “therapeutic use exemptions” (TUE’s) for drug-testing under the company Wellness Policy. […]

Umaga Autopsy Turns Focus to Linda McMahon’s WWE Cardio Program and Docs

The death last December of Eddie “Umaga” Fatu opened a new frontier in the scrutiny of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Wellness Policy under its former chief executive, […]

WWE’s Docs Governed by ‘Private’ Pitt Med Center Ethics Policy

This blog is exploring how a cluster of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center physicians came to join the medical staff of World Wrestling Entertainment, the company […]

WWE Medical Team Bios — 5 Out of 8 Are from Pitt Med Center

The bios of the professionals on the World Wrestling Entertainment medical team are at the company website. See http://corporate.wwe.com/documents/MEDICALTEAMBIOS28.pdf. Five of the eight men — they […]

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