NFL Says WWE’s Medical Director Still on Concussion Committee

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March 19, 2010
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March 19, 2010

I called the office of National Football League media relations guy Greg Aiello to find out what I could about the tenure and status of Dr. Joseph Maroon on the NFL policy committee on concussions.

Readers here know that the NFL is shaking up its concussion team after taking a public pasting in Congressional hearings and the media. This is pertinent because Dr. Maroon – a team physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the surgeon of former pro wrestling great Bruno Sammartino – has another side job as World Wrestling Entertainment’s medical director. Indeed, Maroon, a man of many hats, also finds time to serve as a huckster for an “energy and longevity” supplement.

Greg Aiello’s assistant asked me for the nature of my business. Then she said she would check “to see if Greg is in.”

After nearly five minutes on hold, the assistant came back on the line.

“Greg says that Dr. Maroon is on the committee and has been for several years,” she said.

I asked for some more specifics, including the composition of the entire committee. Aiello’s assistant took my email address. I’m not holding my breath.

Irv Muchnick

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