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Paging Dr. Joseph Maroon, Medical Director for Senate Candidate Linda McMahon’s WWE

We still haven’t heard back from Dr. Joseph Maroon of Pittsburgh – the medical director for World Wrestling Entertainment – for comment on the reports here […]

NFL Severs Relationships With Past Concussion Docs — Does That Apply to WWE Medical Director Joseph Maroon?

Alex Marvez, the senior pro football writer for FoxSports.com — who also writes a weekly syndicated pro wrestling column for Scripps-Howard News Service — yesterday updated […]

NFL ‘Maroons’ WWE’s Medical Director

The Linda McMahon story everyone is talking about is whether World Wrestling Entertainment fired wrestler Bryan Danielson at the behest of McMahon’s Senate campaign. I’ll get […]

Dr. Joseph Maroon Sighting in Excellent New Haven Register Article on WWE and Steroids

Ed Stannard, metro editor of the New Haven Register, has produced one of the most valuable pieces of coverage in the Linda McMahon Senate campaign: an […]

Pro Wrestling Torch Mentions Dr. Joseph Maroon Issue

I believe James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch is the first reporter outside this blog to mention my efforts to get everyone to connect World Wrestling […]

Yo, NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello — What’s Up With WWE Medical Director Joseph Maroon?

This is the text of a fax sent on June 15 to Greg Aiello, vice  president for public relations of the National Football League, and resent […]

NFL Spokesman Aiello: WWE Medical Director Maroon Still ‘Works With’ League Concussion Committee

National Football League spokesman Greg Aiello says Dr. Joseph Maroon “will continue to work with” the league’s committee on head, neck, and spine injuries. In light […]

NFL Explains: Maroon Still on Committee, Only Concussion ‘Leadership’ Has Changed

In the  last post I tried to draw National Football League spokesman Greg Aiello out a little more on the status of NFL/Pittsburgh Steelers/World Wrestling Entertainment […]

Further Reading on WWE Wellness Policy, Concussions, Dr. Joseph Maroon, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The cover story in the current Pittsburgh City Paper on the World Wrestling Entertainment wellness policy is very poor, possibly the least informative and coherent article […]

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