And Now For a Word From Our USA Swimming Sponsors

Sex Abuse Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Former USA Swimming National Team Coach Mark Shubert: Complete Links
September 16, 2014
USA Swimming’s Prospective New Board President Mary Jo Swalley – And the ‘Mary Jo Swalley Rule’
September 17, 2014

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Radisson statement on Vikes’ sponsorship: . Does @Marriott, a @USA_Swimming sponsor, take child protection seriously?

NFL sponsor Anheuser-Busch “disappointed & increasingly concerned” by DV. Where are @USA_Swimming sponsors on coach sex abuse and cover-up?

Once again, here are all the @USA_Swimming sponsors who are (so far) silent on fed investigations of coach sex abuse & cover-up: (cont.)

(cont.) @ArenaUSA, @ATT, @bmw, @ceraveskin, @Marriott, @mutualofomaha, @MyrthaPoolsUSA, @omegawatches, @Phillips66Co, @SpeedoUSA, (cont.)

(cont.) TYR Swimwear, Universal Sports Network. None has yet expressed “disappointment & increasing concern” over @USA_Swimming sex abuse.

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