Joyce Flashback: The Day Debbie Phelps (Michael’s Mom) Hung Up on Me When I Asked Her About Sexual Abuse in Swimming

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June 11, 2014
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June 13, 2014

by Tim Joyce



With the focus today on public calls by sexual abuse victims for the resignation of USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus and for Congressional action, I remember October 1, 2012.

That was the day when, while working on a story for WBAL radio in Baltimore about past abuse by world-famous North Baltimore Aquatic Club owner Murray Stephens, I decided to put in a call to Debbie Phelps — mother of Michael Phelps.

(I didn’t name Stephens in the original story, but it has since become public knowledge that the story was about him. At least one of Stephens’ victims signed the recent petition that led to the withdrawal of Wielgus’s induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame — which already had honored Stephens.)

I called Debbie Phelps, a perennial cheering face in the stands in NBC’s Olympics coverage, at the middle school where she worked. (She is now head of the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools.) As the mother of two swimming girls at the Stephens club, in addition to the celebrated Michael, I thought Debbie might have something useful or constructive to say about the controversy.

When Mrs. Phelps got on the line, I explained my mission.

Her response was immediate.

She hung up the phone.


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