Dear Chuck Wielgus, USA Swimming: Apology Not Accepted. It’s Too Late. And You’re a Perjuror. Resign Today.

Judge Assigned to Muchnick Suit Against City of Fort Lauderdale in Alex Pussieldi Open Records Dispute
June 5, 2014
We’re Sorry to Have to Act Like It Begins to Matter That USA Swimming’s Chuck Wielgus Says He’s Sorry
June 6, 2014





Complete links to Concussion Inc.’s coverage of the petition drive that forced the withdrawal of the Chuck Wielgus induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame are at “Chuck Wielgus Belongs in the Hall of Justice, Not the Hall of Fame,” 

This week’s cover story in South Florida’s New Times, “An Underage Sex Scandal Leads to South Florida’s Swimming Hall of Fame,” is at

Complete links to Concussion Inc.’s four-month-long investigation of the Alex Pussieldi cover-up by both local police and public officials in Florida, and USA Swimming, are at


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