Fort Lauderdale Police Release 2004 Special Victims Unit Report on Alex Pussieldi – First Documented Confirmation of Allegations of Sex With Underage Boys

BREAKING — Fort Lauderdale police’s suppressed sex crimes unit report on Alex Pussieldi to be published here shortly.
April 9, 2014
Ultimate Notes on the Warrior (1959-2014)
April 9, 2014

by Irvin Muchnick and Tim Joyce


Just moments after we completed the preceding article – about multiple-witness reporting to the Fort Lauderdale police of child sexual abuse allegations against swim coach Alex Pussieldi – we received from the Police Department a copy of the Special Victims Unit file on Pussieldi that we had requested a little over a week ago.

These new documents can be viewed at

The most important of the five pages are the final two, which turn out to be less-redacted version of a police record previously provided to us. We are left to guess whether the municipal bureaucracy and lawyers changed their minds and came around to our view that some of the earlier redactions were too extensive – or whether another public servant in the records office simply undertook a new, fresh search for documents and independently came to a different conclusion as to the exemptions claimed under public information law.

In either event, this new version of a report by Detective Jeff Jennings (whose affiliation with the Special Victims Unit is no longer whited-out) confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s knowledge of Alex Pussieldi’s sexual misconduct was extensive, redundant, and verified.

Here are the highlights:

  • “… [REDACTED] stated he would now like to report a videotape that he had located in Pussieldi’s bedroom. [REDACTED] stated that on the tape he observed Pussieldi having sex with teenage boys. [REDACTED] stated that [REDACTED] thought they were teenagers because they did not have facial hair…. [REDACTED] said that he saw three different boys on the tape….”
  • “… [REDACTED] also advised of a second videotape that showed him and his roommate [REDACTED] using the bathroom and getting undressed to take a shower. [REDACTED] stated that [REDACTED] did not know [REDACTED] was being filmed and it was done with a hidden camera, which [REDACTED] found in the bathroom air conditioning vent….”
  • “… [REDACTED] also stated that [REDACTED] had told [REDACTED] girlfriends parents (Ken Lucas) about the camera and they had confronted Pussieldi, and Pussieldi had admitted everything to them.”
  • “… [REDACTED – seemingly a different person] advised that when [REDACTED] was eighteen there was an incident [in which] Pussieldi touched [REDACTED] inappropriately.”

At two points the report has the notation “SEE STATEMENT FOR EXACT WORDING.” Of course, we will be seeking that statement.

Among many other things, this report adds to the overwhelming evidence that USA Swimming CEO Chuck Wielgus has lied publicly and repeatedly – including under oath to courts – in his contention that hidden camera video by coaches was “not on the radar screen” before 2008. More on that next.

As always, we hope that Congressman George Miller, ranking member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, is paying attention. The stench of Alex Pussieldi goes all the way to Rio ’16 – but the aroma of heinous crime and cover-up remains both distinct and ongoing in Fort Lauderdale , Florida.


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