See Them Now – First Installment of the File on Swim Coach Alex Pussieldi in Fort Lauderdale Public Records

March 20, 2014
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March 21, 2014

by Irvin Muchnick


We are awaiting additional documents on Alex Pussieldi from the city of Fort Lauderdale in response to public record requests. Yesterday assistant city attorney Cole Copertino emailed, “I am continuing to review the archived police records. These may be subject to certain statutory exemptions and will require further research.” Copertino promised a status update within days.

On March 8 we reported on the first set of public records, which were received that day. See “Two Stages of Complaints About Swim Coach Alex Pussieldi Evident in Records Released by City of Fort Lauderdale,”

We now have uploaded nine of the 16 pages we got that day. The documents are viewable at

Page 1 is an October 15, 2003, email from Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex manager Stu Marvin to another Parks & Recreation Department employee, Sherrill Nelson. They are discussing a draft of a letter Jack Nelson, owner and head coach of the Fort Lauderdale Swim Team, regarding a recent incident involving misconduct at a travel meet in Orlando.

Page 2 is a letter the same day from Nelson to Ernest Burkeen, director of Parks & Recreation.

Page 3 is an October 20 memo from Burkeen to Marvin.

Page 4 is a December 13 letter from Nelson to Burkeen.

Page 5 is a February 15, 2004, letter complaining to Fort Lauderdale city officials about an incident two days earlier in which Pussieldi was alleged to have physically attacked a swimmer. We blacked out the name and contact information of the sender.

Pages 6-7 are a printout of a February 17 Sun-Sentinel news story about the incident.

Pages 8-9 are emails from city officials to complaining citizens. (Burkeen, now Parks & Rec director in Baltimore, quips to Marvin that “you are getting real good at these letters.”) Again, we blacked out the names of the complainants. Cindi Hutchinson and Dean Trantalis were city commissioners. “[email protected]” was Mayor Jim Naugle.

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