Prosecutor ‘Defers’ Charges in Cal Football Attack — Here’s His Full Statement to Concussion Inc.

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January 31, 2014
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February 3, 2014

Statement by Paul Hora, assistant district attorney, Alameda County:

I will defer the filing of criminal charges at this time. I have up to one year to file misdemeanor charges and 3 years to file felony charges. 

The University and Football program have imposed a number of sanctions and rehabilitative measures on the suspect that are ongoing and extend well into the future. I also will demand some additional conditions be imposed during the period of deferral. I want to monitor the suspect’s progress toward meeting his imposed obligations and, at the same time, monitor the victim’s status and wellbeing going forward.

Additionally, I am scheduled to meet personally with the suspect and discuss with him the ramifications of his conduct and the associated criminal liability he continues to face. This process of meeting with the suspect is part of our DACI protocol  (District Attorney Corrective Intervention). We have found that our DACI protocol approach can be highly effective under the right circumstances. Of course, if during the period of deferral circumstances warrant the filing of criminal charges, then criminal charges will be filed.

Ultimately, I want this incident to be resolved fairly for all involved and in the interest of justice.




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