Dustin Perry — Once-Suspended USA Swimming Coach Facing Abuse Allegations in Idaho — Has a History of Boys Living With Him

Published January 23rd, 2014, Uncategorized

by Tim Joyce and Irvin Muchnick



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When police in various jurisdictions get down to business on Dustin Perry’s sordid, multi-state, and even international narrative, they will also find recurring evidence of his history of giving permanent housing to boys to live with him in a variety of arrangements.

Not all of these co-habitants have been confirmed to be swimmers. Some were foreign exchange students. Some may be youngsters he met during his time coaching in Mexico, under American Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Famer Jack Simon, when Perry was serving a USA Swimming suspension, or through still-existing connections from that period.

According to several sources, during its 2003 investigation that led to Perry’s 18-month suspension, USA Swimming was aware that Perry housed at least two international boys while he was coaching at the Extreme Aquatic Club in Edmond, Oklahoma. Because of the delicacy of current investigations, it is not prudent to name the country of origin of those boys in this post, nor a law enforcement agency that has contacted Concussion Inc.

Perry’s only comment thus far has been to state in an email to us that he was  “bitter” about the circumstances that led to the 2003 suspension.

Today the director of the Parks and Recreation Department of Carson City, Nevada, released the public record of the city aquatic center’s rental agreement with the Tiger Sharks, Perry’s current team. We will upload that document shortly.

Director Roger Moellendorf also said, “In regards to your request for a comment regarding this situation, I decline to make one at this time.”