Feminist Majority Foundation’s Open Call to Assist Congressman Miller’s Investigation of USA Swimming

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November 19, 2013
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A widely distributed message last week:

The Feminist Majority Foundation is sending this email relative to our September 2013 news regarding sexual abuse in USA swimming. United States Congressman George Miller’s office is conducting an investigation into USA Swimming’s inability to get known abusers out of the organization. Congressman Miller’s office is looking for help in finding: 

1.  Athletes who have been sexually abused, regardless of age, consent, or time frame,  or athletes who are members of a National Governing Committee (NGB); like Kelly Currin, who was abused by her coach at age 13. (her abuser Rick Curl, is now in prison); or Suzette Moran, who was 15 when she started a “consensual” romantic relationship with her coach, Mitch Ivey.

2. Athletes who were sexually harassed by their coaches, who had to put up with sexual comments about their bodies or were told “I want to be your bicycle seat” or “I want to be part of an Asian three-some with you.” or “who’s you f*** of the week?”  

3. Athletes who missed out on pursuing their athletic career because the coach was having a romantic or sexual relationship with a rival. Eva Rodansky didn’t get to compete in the 2008 Olympics because her rival was having a sexual relationship with the Olympic coach.

Note that Olympic Sports are not covered under Title IX or Title VI.  Although sex discrimination is prohibited under the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, there is no civil private cause of action to sue for sex discrimination under the Sports Act.  (See the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Women in the Olympics site  http://www.feminist.org/sports/olympics.asp  and the Ted Stevens Act at http://www.feminist.org/education/pdfs/TedStevens_womeninolympics.pdf)

If you know of any athletes who have endured such harassment and abuse  please advise them to contact Congressman Miller’s (D- CA) office at:

Michael C. Zola, Esq., Deputy Staff Director

Committee on Education & the Workforce

Congressman George Miller (D-CA)

Tel: 202.225.3725/Fax: 202.226.5398

[email protected]

and [email protected]

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