Once Again, List of Attendees of USA Swimming Board Meetings at Country Club of Colorado When Secretly Banned Coach Uchiyama Was Aquatics Director There

Published October 17th, 2013, Uncategorized

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In case you missed it, here’s the list of people who should be interviewed by the staff of Congressman George Miller for information on the 2007-10 USA Swimming board meetings at the Country Club of Colorado:

Wayne Burrow, Peter Carney, Ed Dellert, Duffy Dillon, Pete Gannon, Ted Haartz, Larry Johnson, Bryan Jones, Michael Lawrence, Pat Lunsford, Vicki Marsh, Bill Maxson, Arlene McDonald, Eric Nelson, Dale Neuburger, Wells O’Brien, Rich Pockat, Jamie Rauch, Linda Riker, Trent Staley, Tyler Storie, Mary Jo Swalley, Alison Terry, Ron Van Pool, John Wilson, Jim Wood, Carol Zaleski

Brenda Adams, Tom Avischious, Manny Banks, Peter Clark, Matt Farrell, Jim Harvey, Larry Herr, Pat Hogan, Randy Julian, Ira Klein, John McIlhargy, Lindsay Mintenko, Mick Nelson, Sue Nelson, Kathy Parker, Mark Schubert, Dom Testa, Dave Thomas, Mike Unger, Chuck Wielgus

Sandi Blumit, Rod Davis, Jeff Gudman, John Leonard, Eric Peterson, John Peterson, Rich Young

Robert Broyles, Marci Callan, Maddy Crippen, Brandon Drawz, JoAnn Faucett, Shannon Gillespy, Tom Hasz, Kalyn Keller, Maisha Palmer, Jim Ryan, Bill Schalz, Paul Thompson

Melanie Herman, Tim Liebhold, Bruce Stratton

Chris LaBianco

George Block, Blake McKay, Wells O’Brien, Tim Welsh