Friday USA Swimming Sex Abuse News Roundup

1999: Olympic Committee Forces USA Swimming’s Offshore Tax-Dodging Subsidiary to Change Coverage (International Sex Abuse Insurance Scam, Part 3)
September 6, 2013
USA Swimming’s Moguls Realize They’re Sitting on a Time Bomb With Sex Abuse Cases (International Insurance Scam, Part 4)
September 8, 2013

by Irvin Muchnick and Tim Joyce


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Questions 21 and 22 for USA Swimming “Safe Sport Director” Susan Woessner

Scraping deep into the barrel of its $200,000 public relations campaign to ward off the investigation of USA Swimming sex abuse by Congressman George Miller and his House Committee on Education and the Workforce staff, the organization exposes Susan Woessner, its newly Ground Floor Media partner “crisis communications”-trained director of safe sport, to a grueling, no-holds-barred interview … with the USA Swimming website.

See “20 Question Tuesday: Susan Woessner,”

We sucked our thumbs and came up with two more questions they forgot to ask:

21. “How do you rebut those who say your high-paying job is a fraud — especially since your sister Geri was hired for another high-paying position in the USA Swimming marketing department, and the announcement of Geri’s appointment didn’t even disclose your relationship?” See

22. “Why did the same website that is publishing these 20 softball questions and answers publish on the morning of May 22 — then almost immediately withdraw following protests — a puff story about a North Baltimore Aquatic Club swimmer who is currently under investigation by USA Swimming in a case of alleged misconduct that has been referred to the National Board of Review for a hearing?” See — or rather, don’t see there, since it was taken down without explanation.

Readers, especially families of abuse victims who have been blown off or revictimized by USA Swimming’s “investigative” procedures, are invited to help us out with questions 23 ff. Send your submissions to [email protected]. Or write to Woessner directly: [email protected].


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