Allentown Morning Call ‘Confirms’ Concussion Inc. Report That Lehigh County District Attorney Is Looking Afresh at Jimmy Snuka-Nancy Argentino Homicide Investigation

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by Irvin Muchnick


Yesterday we reported a major new development in the mystery of Nancy Argentino’s 1983 death in Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s room at the George Washington Motor Lodge in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. See “EXCLUSIVE: Lehigh County Sources Say District Attorney Will Take Fresh Look at Jimmy Snuka-Nancy Argentino Case,”

Three weeks ago the Allentown Morning Call published an excellent Page 1 “cold case” story on what went down 30 years ago, and why the Argentino family is pressing anew for justice. Reporters Adam Clark and Kevin Amerman uncovered two important documents that had eluded me in my own original 1992 investigation: the Nancy Argentino autopsy and the Jimmy Snuka police interrogation.

Today the Morning Call is back with more details on Lehigh County’s “fresh look” at the open-but-dormant case. See “DA taking ‘fresh look’ at death of ‘Superfly’ Snuka mistress,”,0,3913636.story#ixzz2XchitH4c.

In the way of bigfoot corporate journalism, Clark and Amerman quote district attorney James Martin “confirming” this step with no reference to who or what is being confirmed. Nor is there any other mention of this reporter’s work in calling attention to the ongoing injustice, via either the chapter of my 2007 book WRESTLING BABYLON or our recent ebook about the case. The latter was produced on the May 10 anniversary of the incident with the assistance of Nancy’s surviving sisters, and 100 percent of the royalties are being forwarded to a charity designated by them.

Getting back to the county’s new probe, the district attorney is right to express skepticism to the Morning Call over whether it will turn up anything new.

But here’s a clue for people following all this to determine whether the authorities in Pennsylvania are conducting a good-faith fresh start, or just a quickie dog-and-pony show in response to revived publicity. That clue is the nature of the continuing role of Detective Gerald Procanyn, who was in the Whitehall Police Department at the time of the incident and who is in the district attorney’s office now.

More from here shortly on that aspect of the story.

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