Scratched: Bar Association Throws Out Superspy Coach Mark Schubert Lawyer’s Complaint

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No doubt frustrated by the abundance of merit in the wrongful termination and sex abuse cover-up lawsuit by Dia Rianda against his client, defrocked Olympic swimming coach Mark Schubert, attorney Richard Foster filed a California Bar Association complaint over well-founded allegations by adversary attorney B. Robert Allard that Foster had tried to manipulate the testimony of a pre-trial declarant.

The Bar Association summarily dismissed the complaint.

For those of you keeping score, Schubert:

– got a $625,000 severance package when USA Swimming dumped him, raising questions of whether this was accompanied by an agreement to keep his lips sealed.

– did nothing to put now-convicted rapist coach Rick Curl out of circulation despite Schubert’s longstanding knowledge of Curl’s abuse of his swimmer Kelley Davies in the 1980s.

– participated, via a private investigative agency that employs Schubert’s wife, in snooping on the relationship between another coach, Sean Hutchison, and one of his swimmers. And lied to the Orange County Register and others about it.

– ignored the pleas of staffers at Schubert’s Golden West Swim Club in Huntington Beach, California, to curtail the misconduct of dirty old man chief assistant coach and co-Hutchison spymaster Bill Jewell — who now has accepted a three-year ban by USA Swimming.

Am I leaving anything out? Except for the minor pointsabove, Schubert’s prospects of a successful defense of the Rianda lawsuit are looking great.

Irv Muchnick

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