Our Work to Expose the Criminals of USA Swimming Continues

Judge Rejects Restraining Order Against Concussion Inc.; Muchnick Agrees to Take Down References to Accused Minors
May 14, 2013
Read It Now — Olympic Coach Mark Schubert’s Private Eye’s Report on the Cohabitation of Rival Coach Sean Hutchison And His Swimmer
May 14, 2013

by Irvin Muchnick


No amount of intimidation and harassment by the legal goons of organized swimming will deter us from telling this story.

As I wrote last month:

“It is my view that even many of the most serious students of feminism and the scourge that is sexual molestation do not fully appreciate how the swimming story — whose scale dwarfs that of Penn State — takes us to the white-hot center of this issue, at the nexus of sexual relations (an inevitable byproduct of human affairs) and abuse of power (which responsible people agree must be eradicated).”

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