Orange County Register Reports Bill Jewell Ouster and USA Swimming’s Banning For Life of Mission Viejo Nadadores’ Molester Ad’m Dusenbury

Bill Jewell Out at Golden West Aquatics
March 14, 2013
Good Riddance, Busted-At-Last Swim Coach Sex Abuser Ad’m Dusenbury
March 14, 2013

The Orange County Register has reported the resignation of Bill Jewell. The Register‘s Scott Reid, who has done a great job on the swim coach sex abuse story, also has word that Ad’m Dusenbury, the most recent of a line of bad news out of Mission Viejo, California, finally made USA Swimming’s list of coaches who are permanently banned for conduct code violations.

Here’s the link:

The Register site says Reid’s story was updated at 5:06 p.m. PDT. I don’t know yet whether the article was in this morning’s print edition and I missed it before reporting on Jewell’s departure from Golden West Aquatics. It really doesn’t matter who was first. Last week I talked with Reid about my tip on Jewell, which he had, too, and deferred publishing it, in part, because the resignation was clearly prompted by Reid’s Register article on March 3. I didn’t check with Reid today because, when I noticed that Jewell’s name had been scrubbed from the Golden West website, I had my corroboration.

Next, I’ll have complete links to references on this site to the odious Ad’m Dusenbury.

Irv Muchnick

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