Bill Jewell Out at Golden West Aquatics

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March 14, 2013
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March 14, 2013

Last week we got a tip that Bill Jewell — an elderly coach up to his goggles in scandals in Fullerton and Huntington Beach, California — had resigned as a senior associate to head coach and owner Mark Schubert at Golden West Aquatics. (Schubert is the defrocked head of the Olympic swimming team.)

We held off because we couldn’t get independent confirmation and Jewell was still listed at the Golden West website.

But now Jewell is off the site and, surely, out at Golden West. My guess is that Schubert — who is defending a wrongful termination and cover-up lawsuit by Dia Rianda — wanted to avoid the impression that Jewell’s departure was linked to the devastating account of his multi-faceted vulgarity and perversity in the March 3 Orange County Register.


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